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Eternal Glory

Echoes of terror in this old land
I see the result of their quest
Skulls of old heroes lie everywhere in this mystical place
Dust in their eyes, dust in my pride
in this infinite journey to the ancient sword
I can hear their lament between these rocks
the whisper on an angry ghost
he speaks for them all trapped on this lost world
I am their very last hope
to ride from hell free once again
to break the chains from a bloody past for my victory
Eternal glory ride to me
pound in my heart for the Algalord kings
Eternal glory spread your wide wings
fly and forever lead my holy steel
I'll fight I'll cry for your silence your name
You'll live through me I will end all your pain
for the swan in the lake the bird on the tree
the place for my beloved lands
The black king is near and Algalord calls
so heroes of the lost valley raise all your voice
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